Operator's License

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New/Renewal License:  $30.00
Provisional License:  $15.00

Note:  All Operator's Licenses expire June 30th, regardless of when they were first obtained.

Who must obtain an Operator's License (also known as a Bartender's License)?

  • All individuals selling or serving alcohol beverages.  
    • Exception:  Individuals without a valid license must work under the immediate supervision of the licenses, Liquor/Beer Agent, or someone with a valid Operator's License. 

Who must complete a Responsible Beverage Server Training Course?

  • The applicant of an Operator's License, Class A License, or Class B License.  
  • Sole proprietors, all members of a partnership, and the Liquor/Beer Agent for a Corporation or Limited Liability Company must complete Beverage Server Training (BST) before the liquor/beer license can be issued to the establishment.
  • The Liquor/Beer Agent for an establishment must meet the qualifications below, but is not required to hold an Operator's License because his/her name appears on the establishment's liquor license.

New license applicants must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Must be 18 years of age or older.
  2. May not have been convicted of a felony or be a habitual law offender.
  3. Within the past two (2) years, must have held a valid Operator's License in any Wisconsin municipality or completed one of the Responsible Beverage Server Training Courses that have been approved by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.  The following courses are some that have been approved:
  • Madison College - This four-hour course is offered at various Madison College campuses.  Contact Madison College for class availability.  Applicant must register in advance.  Out-of-state students are required to pay out-of-state tuition.  Applicant must have a Social Security Number.
  • Any other Wisconsin Technical College
  • Online at Learn2Serve.  The fee for this online course is $14.95.
  • Online at Rserving.  The fee for this online course is $9.95.
  • Online at Server License.  The fee for this online course is $12.00.
  • Online at Seller Server. The fee for this online course is $16.00.
  • Online at Wisconsin Restaurant Association.  The fee for this online course is $30.00.
  • Online at Selling and Serving Safely.  The fee for this online course is $12.50.
  • Online at TIPS.  the fee for this online course is $40.00.