How do I complete the census?

For the first time in history, the census will be available online.  In mid-March, community members will receive a letter with a website and password to go online to complete the census.  Community members also have the option to participate by phone or request a paper copy.  

Sample Copy of the 2020 Census Questionnaire

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1. What is the census?
2. When can I respond to the census?
3. How do I complete the census?
4. Why is a complete and accurate census count important?
5. What languages will be offered?
6. I have a non-traditional living situation. Where should I be counted?
7. What if I don't complete the census?
8. Will my personal information be safe?
9. What's in it for me?
10. What questions will be asked on the census?
11. Why are these questions asked on the census?
12. What won’t be asked?
13. What jobs are available with the United States Census Bureau?
14. I'd like to volunteer to help to ensure a complete count for Milton. Who do I contact?